Innovative Financing Solutions Now Available to Alaskan Businesses

Tired of traditional banks turning you down? No worries! You still have choices. When it comes to raising capital for your business, it’s always wise to have a Plan B!

Plan B Capital has multiple alternative lenders, eager to fulfill all your business’s various capital needs⁠– and to do so quickly, with far less red tape, and at competitive rates.

Plan B Capital | Alternative Lending Consultant Alaska
Commercial Lending | Plan B Capital | Alternative Lending Consultant

Plan B Capital is Your 1-Stop Shop for Finding Money for Your Business

We offer some of the best and most affordable alternatives to traditional bank loans —all geared to your size business— to help your business grow and prosper.

What Is Your Goal?

Cash Without Debt

Yes, although we can arrange loans, we believe debt should be your LAST resort. Check out our non-debt options to see whether these could work for your situation.

Business Loans

Our goal is not to convince you to abandon your local bank but to give you a Plan B should your bank abandon you!

Credit Tools

The credit game has gotten complicated. Our services help you play your A Game.

Need Something Else?

Need something a little weird or out of the box? No worries, we can probably handle it! You have no risk to reach out and see what’s possible since all our quotes are free, no obligation, and very fast. We work with over 20 lenders offering over 100 different programs, so it takes a lot for us to say No.

Why Choose to Work with Plan B Capital?

Did you know there are funding programs for your business that avoid taking on more debt?

As independent consultants, we specialize in matching small businesses who need financing with dozens of lenders all around America who want to lend specifically to businesses like yours.

We obviously offer multiple loan programs. However, we firmly believe DEBT should NEVER be your FIRST CHOICE! Therefore, we also offer “non-loan programs” that help you keep more cash from your existing operations and completely avoid the risks of debt.

Business Loans | Plan B Capital | Alternative Lending Consultant

Benefits of working with Plan B Capital

  • No Upfront Fees

    Save money with No Upfront Fees

  • All Quotes Are Free

    Free Quotes for Alternative Lending

  • Speak To A Human!

    US-based customer service

Plan B Capital | Alternative Lending Consultant Alaska

I’ve never heard of “alternative lending”

What is it, how does it work, and how is it better than a traditional bank?

    The term “Alternative Lending” refers to loans and other financial services people can access without having to go through the bureaucracy of a traditional bank.

    Alternative Lending has a long history, but in 2008 it experienced huge growth after the financial crash when traditional banks effectively stopped lending to the small business community. The COVID-19 shut downs only increased the demand by businesses like yours.

    For more answers to other frequently asked questions about the exciting world of alternative financing, please click here.

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Plan B Capital is your 1-stop shop for finding money for your business.

Plan B Capital | Alternative Lending Consultant Alaska
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