Credit Repair Program
to Improve Your Credit Score Quickly

Improve your credit score by cleaning up your credit report in as little as 60 days.

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Credit Repair Program

The top two reasons for using a credit repair service are to get approved or to qualify for a lower interest rate. Credit repair services are a better alternative than either waiting 7-10 years for things to fall off or paying the derogatories and then risking they remain and make your score worse.

What is this program, and how does it work?

•  This is a “two round” service. The first round attacks as many of a credit report’s derogatories as possible. After approximately 30 days, a second round uses a different approach to get any remaining items. Sometimes the second round is not needed and everything is done in 30 days. 

•  Will also go over items that may be lacking or things you need to change. 

•  Throughout, you will get emails updating you of when a round starts and again when it completes, as well as a Results email summarizing everything that was removed.

What kinds of business is this program best for?

•  People who need a higher score to qualify for the loan they want.

•  People who can qualify for a loan but want a better interest rate.

The Pro’s

•  This service is very fast. Attacks all derogatories at once, so repair is done within 60-90 days, unlike other services that often take 8-12 months.

•  Items are removed permanently so they do not reappear later.

•  Speak to a human! US-based customer service.

•  All quotes are free.

The Con’s

• Has a cost, but you will likely earn that money back with the interest you save on subsequent loans and purchases.

Typical requirements to get started

• $399 total, but for just $149 you can fund the first round.

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