Commercial Real Estate Loan Programs

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Commercial Real Estate Loan Programs

What is this program, and how does it work?

Real estate financing is a great option for both investors and commercial property purchases. This option is best for individuals and businesses looking to purchase real estate as an investment (not applicable for purchasing owner-occupied dwellings).

What kinds of business is this program best for?

•  We specialize in “non-bankable” borrowers unable to qualify for a conforming bank loan due to income or asset or tax issues.

•  This program is best for individuals and businesses looking to purchase real estate anywhere within the U.S.

•  Refinancing balloon payments

•  Financing to purchase another location

•  Investors looking to buy and/or “fix & flip” single family, multi-family rental properties

The Pro’s

•  Reasonable rates. As of Q4 2021, rates were 6-8% on single family (1-4 units), 7-9% on 5+ units & mixed use, and 8-10% on commercial/industrial.

•  Not “hard money.” Loans are 30-year, fixed rate, fully amortized, no balloons

•  Awesome Interest Only/No Balloon program to maximize cash flow. Interest-only for 10 years, with deferred principal then folded into the remaining 20 years, thus avoiding a balloon.

•  Key differentiator over banks: No doc loans (no income verification, no asset verification, no tax returns).

•  No requirement for seasoned funds, so your down payment can be borrowed and can come from anywhere, even outside the U.S.

•  Up to 75% loan-to-value (LTV), occupancy at least 70%

•  No upfront fees

•  All quotes are free

•  Speak to a human! US-based customer service

The Con’s

•  Not applicable for borrowers who intend to owner-occupy the property

•  Not all loan programs available in all areas

Typical requirements to get started

•  700+ FICO or co-signer who does

•  Requires a full appraisal, no “drive-throughs”

•  Can lend to entities but will require a personal guarantor who meets FICO requirements, etc.

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